Speech by the Chairman of the Board

As an innovative pharmaceutical enterprise, we have always put the health demand of people in China and even the whole world in the first place, and have been devoted to improving the medical treatment and health conditions. We are dedicated to creating a healthy life for all humanity, and conveying the power of love and hope for human beings.

How should we help patients relieve the pain of diseases? Is there any kind of medicine that can successfully meet the need of unsolved clinical problems? How can we solve the problem of accessibility and sustainability of new medicines by means of speeding up innovation? We remind ourselves of these questions every day and we are committed to answering them.

So far, we have made great progress in areas such as antineoplastic, diabetes, cardiovascular, bio-pharmaceutical, and the immune system, with one or two new medicines coming up each year, which benefits our patients greatly. In the meanwhile, we have enhanced our cooperation with foreign business partners and taken efforts to promote China-made medicines to the world to live up to our aims.

In the future, I believe Hengrui Medicine will continually stand by the concept of “Technology as the basis, and innovative healthy life”. It will sail afar with a strong sense of love and responsibility!

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